What a day.

I received the gaskets from Eagle Mike’s yesterday just in time for my rebuild today. I couldn’t help but go out last night after work and remove the old piston and install the new one. It looked a lot faster with it on.

This morning I went out and got started. I will post all of the pictures with a breakdown of what I did once I finish the whole thing tomorrow. I just wanted to share my day with you now. Everything was going pretty smoothly and I was taking my time, working per the instructions and making sure the torque was correct on everything. I had the cams lined up and timing chain on correctly. I start to install the timing chain cover that has 2 long bolts in a hard to reach spot and a short bolt that is an easy reach and should be simple. Well, the 2 long bolts went in easily and as I was reaching in to put the 3rd bolt in I was thinking, “It would suck if dropped this one”, and of course I did. It went right down all the way into the crank case and disappeared. Needless to say I was a little disappointed. I had to drive to an auto parts store and buy a little magnet to reach down into the abyss.

I got back home and tried for a while to fish out the lost bolt with no luck. Then I decided it needed to be done. I removed all of the bolts for the left side lower crank case. I also had to remove the shifter lever and front sprocket guard. I was able to reach in with my magnet a lot better from the side but I still couldn’t find it. From this point I said it was time for a break and had lunch. After relaxing for a bit I went back outside with a clean head. I then decided to turn the crank shaft around with a wrench and try to lodge the bolt loose if was stuck in the chain somewhere. I did a full rotation and heard nothing fall down into the case. I jammed my magnet into the crank case and moved all around recklessly and felt something click onto it. I pulled on it and it fell off. I stuck the magnet back in and click, this time I pulled it out easy and there it was. I put it off to the side and had to line all of the gears back up and put the gasket back on the cover for the crank case. I put all of the bolts back in and torqued them back down. That little mistake added a couple hours of  work and risk of damaging the engine further. But at least now I know how to remove the low end of the engine. Stay tuned and tomorrow I should have it complete. It would have been today but the rain started. See ya tomorrow.


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