What to do?

Although I did hear from the dealer rather quickly, I am still not sure whether to even deal with them at this point. I received a voice mail from a Kawi rep the other day saying that in order to do anything, they need to have the whole bike brought into a dealer and they need to investigate the cause of the problem and see what they can do. I do understand that they just aren’t going to send me a check just because I sent them an email, but the more I think about it, what can they do for me anyway? I don’t want to just put new rings in and that is it. I also don’t want my bike to sit at the dealer for weeks until they figure out somehow that it must have been my fault. “We have never seen or heard of any problems before so it must be you”. It is costing me $750 to redo the cylinder and head and gain more displacement as well as HP’s. I will have to do the work myself but I want to learn to do that anyway. What would you do? Comment below if you have any advice.


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